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Ensuring Retirement Income Security.



To Regulate Pensions through Effective Policy Direction to Secure Income for the Retired in Ghana



  1. Professionalism: Demonstrate competence, discipline, dedication and good judgment.
  2. Integrity: Uphold high moral standard and confidentiality.
  3. Consistency: Fair application of Rules and Regulations, across the Pensions Industry at all times.
  4. Teamwork: Achieve synergy through consultation and collaboration.
  5. Excellence: Promote best practice at all times.
  6. Responsibility: Embrace our mandate and demonstrate accountability.




  • The Green is the Authority’s Corporate Colour
  • The coloured design around the circumference of the green band is a chain linked fence which stands for security
  • The flag represents our National identity
  • The Gold in the circle stands for the rich mineral resource which contributes to national economy

Who We Are

Over the years, concerns have been raised and agitations made by public servants over inadequacies of the level of pensions to sustain a respectable life for retired public servants. Of particular concern to most workers’ groups has been the low pensions received by workers ... | Readmore